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CBD oil is an amazing therapeutic substance extracted from hemp crops. Every day, more and more people find this oil helpful for them in fight of many different diseases and health problems without strong side effects, as it happens with classic medicines.

In order to use CBD oil as an alternative and safe treatment of health problems, before choice a few important things should be taken into consideration. Since this market is not yet fully regulated, it’s easy to encounter low-quality products and even CBD oils, which can cause psychoactive effects, since they also contain TGCs.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is found in marijuana along with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other 85 substances, which are known to science nowadays. The main question, which appear first about CBD, is its psychoactive effect. By itself, CBD does not possess psychoactive properties for which THC is responsible. So as a result of the use of this oil there are no entail changes in consciousness or perception. However, with the use of CBD Oil the person can calm the body and get rid of unwanted panic attacks.

The popularity of CBD oil in the treatment, contributed to the fact that psychoactive cannabis was legalized in such a complex state in this respect, like Florida (USA). While cannabis seed oil has been legally sold in North and South America for many years, businessmen began to advertise oil with a high content of CBD, relying on new state regulations.

The production of CBD oil

CBD oil is produced as a result of distillation, which is a perfect way for separation of the liquids. Hemp flowers are soaked in alcohol, in which all the cannabinoids in the flower are released, and as a result of this a liquid mixture is obtained. But so far not everything is so simple. The fact is that there is nowadays the lack of clear norms and interpretations, and this allows to look at the CBD from different angles. To obtain cannabinoid oil, it is necessary to extract the extract from the plant and add it to the base. The result is a mixture with a 2% or 3% (sometimes 4%, but not higher, as a rule) concentration of cannabidiol. The extract is obtained by distillation from the resin. At the same time, psychoactive THC is also distilled, which only partially disintegrates, remaining stable. Therefore, for the manufacture of CBD-extract is used technical non-psychoactive hemp. Nevertheless, TGC is present in it, which in any case will fall into the extract, although it will not be able to cause a clear tangible impact even on the child.

Of course, this process demands professional approach, which is guarantee of the high-quality product.

In fact, all types of cannabis can be used for medical purposes, but some varieties are more suitable due to their content of various active substances.

There are such process of extracting CBD oil from cannabis:

  1. CO2 EXTRACTION OF CBD OIL. Nowadays it’s the most prevalent and safe commercial method. It’s produced in the result of CBD separation and other cannabinoids from the main cannabis biomass;
  2. ETHANOL EXTRACTION OF CBD OIL. This way of extraction medicinal compounds from cannabis the same as from other plants is a common practice all over the World. Such form of product is recommended for treatment of the wide range of diseases, such as neuralgia, hemorrhage, depression, muscle pain and spasm;
  3. HYDROCARBON EXTRACTION OF CBD OIL. This method of manufacturing CBD oil with the help of butane, hexane and propane or mixtures or their mixture has its specific features. The use in professional conditions results in movement of unwanted cannabis components, and keeping the therapeutic attributes of the plant.

There are also special guides, with the help of which it’s possible to try make CBD oil on your own.

Many so-called CBD suppliers benefit from the growing demand for CBD oil because of its obvious therapeutic effects, so they simply decide to make money quickly by selling low-grade and low-quality products. Internet is literally overflowed with a multitude of offers that offer CBD oil at an incredibly low price, but often this bargain is rather risky. Real manufacturers and sellers of CBD oils will provide all the necessary information about the product, including its origin, without any problems. The quality of the product can be found also based on the cannabidiol concentration. The higher the concentration of cannabidiol, the stronger will be the effect on the product.

Positive effect of CBD Oil on a wide range of health problems

CBD Oil is a product, that is characterized by a wide range of positive effects. It raises natural interest, because it’s not a synthetic product, so it’s supposed to be great alternative in cases, where average medicine can’t be taken.

The evidence that CBD is a therapeutically valuable substance is becoming more numerous. According to an article published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology in 2013, the recent studies have confirmed therapeutic properties of CBD.

Nowadays there are already near 23,000 published studies, in which is shown a positive effect of CBD on a wide range of medical problems, and scientist continue to work on this topic. In the conditions of modern World nowadays there is a strong tendency to the use of natural products instead of usual medicines. As it’s well-known, there is nothing more useful than natural, an CBD Oil is a great example with the proven effect. Of course, as in any other case when we talk about treatment, there are pros and cons, and positive and negative effects which must be taken into consideration.

The fact that cannabis with high content of CBD does not alter consciousness makes it an attractive option for patients who need anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anticonvulsant and other properties, but without the risk of such possible side effects as drowsiness or dysphoria.

Scientific publications point to the benefits of CBD in a wide range of diseases, including arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, epilepsy, antibiotic resistant infections, endometriosis and so on. Moreover, it has been proven that CBD protects and restores nervous tissue, and now the largest scientific institutions in the United States and other countries are studying the anti-cancer properties of CBD.

CBD OIL can be used mostly by everybody and restrictions are rather limited. No big surprise, because it’s a product, which helps to alleviate a lot of the pathological conditions with the help of such it’s functions, as:

  • antitumor;
  • wound healing;
  • choleretic;
  • expectorant;
  • antioxidant;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • analgesic;
  • tonic;


CBD OIL is a natural therapeutic and prophylactic agent that is recommended to be used to treat diseases of various organs and systems.

CBD OIL influence on different body systems

The range of beneficial effects of cannabidiol and, consequently, the oil enriched, used externally and for food as a dietary supplement, includes effective treatment of a wide range of deceases:

  • Pain and inflammations of various etiologies – relief of muscle pain, joint pain, pain caused by inflammation and irritation of nerve endings, pain in the digestive tract, headaches, relief of PMS in women, etc. The compound acts as an analgesic and suppresses inflammation, stimulates healing, tissue regeneration;
  • Problems with the immune system – increases resistance to colds and viral diseases;
  • Diseases of autoimmune nature – the manifestations of asthma, a different kind of allergies, and diabetes are facilitated;
  • Mental health ailments – insomnia, psychosis, depression caused by nerve strain, pathological conditions in autism spectrum disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.;
  • Oncological diseases – CBD hemp oil helps the body’s immune system to fight the enemy, if not completely suppressing (which is possible at the earliest stages of development of malignant degeneration, therefore, prophylactic use becomes especially important), then restraining the growth and development of cancer cells, preventing metastasis. As a result, this situation contributes to more favorable prognosis in the treatment of cancer;
  • Strengthening and even slight rejuvenation of the body due to filling the cells with vital force, stimulating the normalization of metabolic processes, etc.

Side Effects of CBD Oil and its use with other medicines

The interaction of CBD oil with other medicines can be rather specific.

CBD inhibits (reduces) the activity of enzymes, called the cytochrome P450 group. They are responsible for the effectiveness of drugs. That’s why in most cases this oil is incompatible with the pharmaceutical medicines and should be taken separately.

 Are there any side effects to CBD oil? Yes, there are side effects, because this is bioactive product. Although, CBD oil does not contain psychoactive THC, but it still affects the human endocannabinoid system and the speed of some neurotransmitters. This effect makes CBD oil so beneficial in treating anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, ADHD, and chronic pain.

In a study from 2017, scientists examined the safety and side effects of CBD. During the tests, was found an information, that the most common side effects of CBD oil are:

  • dry mouth;
  • fatigue;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • dizziness;
  • low pressure;
  • change in appetite or weight.

CBD oil is able to significally reduce the glucose level and lead to hypoglycemia. For patients who have low blood pressure and take pills it’s recommended to measure it beforehand and to be very careful with the dosage.

Also CBD oil can lower sugar and blood pressure. Patients with low blood sugar levels should check its level before taking the oil. One more tip in such a case – to use oil half an hour after eating.

The correct dosage of CBD oil and its side effects

Is the limit on the number of CBD that a person can use? Although something like “too much CBD” practically does not exist, it is very individual process to find proper dosage, which will help to improve health.

There are 7 dosage rules, which must be taken into consideration:

  • Decide how do you want to use CBD oil. It is produced in the form of a spray, capsules, nutritional supplements and other products (protein shakes, natural juice from hemp, chocolate with hemp seeds, etc.). First of all, you need to decide for yourself how to use it, whether it will be vaporization or tincture for internal use or spray under the tongue, etc. The vial is equipped with a pipette that allows you to dispense the substance and drip it directly under the tongue or on food;
  • Find your measure. Hemp products contain varying amounts of CBD and THC. A product with a high content of CBD or THC may not necessarily be more effective than a product where the balance of these components is balanced. Therefore, it is possible to find a suitable combination for their treatment only by optimizing the individual dose for yourself. It is difficult to recommend any particular dosage, so the patient must conduct the experiments himself, starting with one drop of oil and assessing its effect. If it turns out to be positive, you can gradually increase the dosage, observing whether it provides the expected improvement. Each drop contains about 1 mg of CBD. As a bioactive food supplement, it can be consumed twice a day;
  • From start should be taken a low dose, especially for people without any experience of using of hemp. If you have no experience with cannabis in any form, you should start with small doses. It is also better to take a CBD a few times a day a little bit, than to do one big reception once a day;
  • Several small doses, taken during the day, are much better than one large dose of oil at one time. It’s recommended to experiment with a specific dose for three days to give the body time to react to the medicine. For the next three days the dose should be adjusted;
  • The rule ” more doesn’t mean better” is true for cannabis treatment, so no need to take too much. Cannabinoids not always work more efficiently in large doses compared to small and medium ones. In addition, although THC is not lethal or even harmful, overdosing can increase anxiety and other mood disorders;
  • Remember about the possible side effects. Depending on the individual tolerance of the body, patients may experience anxiety and mood swings. Other possible side effects may be dry mouth, dizziness, or fainting. You need to take into account the disease with which you are struggling, for example, for anxiety disorder, depression, spasms and cramps in children, moderate doses of the drug with a ratio of CBD: THC in the 14: 1 area are suitable. In cancer or pain syndrome, a greater ratio of THC to CBD is approximately 1: 1;
  • It is better to consult with a doctor before treatment. Continue with caution, especially if you just coped with addictions to drugs, alcohol, have mental disorders, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Let’s not forget that cannabis treatment should be personalized, so the correct dosage depends on both the individual patient and his particular disease.

If there is any discomfort after taking a dose, the next time it must be reduced.

To sum up all of the information, said above, it can be made a conclusion, that treatment with CBD oil will always have an individual dosage for each person. From start there is a low dose, which is gradually increasing. In such a way an appropriate dose would be found easily. It should be known that this optimal dose will be determined by the balance between the improvement of symptoms / tolerance to the side effects of the patient.

For those, who just start such type of treatment, it’s better to take CBD oil with some specific recommendations.

In any case, it is important to be attentive to the body and all its reactions. All the reactions are rather individual. So it’s important to be ready for side effects. What should be remembered is that these effects can be easily reduced or they will disappear itself after a few hours. Also there are some tips, which can be used to remove the side effects as soon as it’s possible.

Of course this guide can’t be compared with the personal medical advice and recommendations. Also in case of any significant side effects, to consult with a doctor or a qualified professional is a must. But in common CBD oil is rather safe product for those who follow all the recommendations. The use of CBD oil is a legal and useful procedure that can bring a lot of the benefit to the health. But you should always remember about the precautions and doses. No need to male experiments, because they can directly damage the health.

CBD oil is a natural substance, for which there is no concept of “too much” or “too less.” It is recommended to be used daily in order to improve the saturation of your body cells. If all the recommendations would be taken into consideration and followed carefully, the whole body would work more efficiently. 

In order to get expected results it’s necessary to buy high-quality products.